Refueling : Refueling at Home

Plug your car in when you go to bed, wake up with a full tank.

There are many advantages to owning a CNG vehicle. And now, there’s no need to wait for a nationwide network of fueling stations. Phill® by BRC FuelMaker enables you to refuel at home and save even more money on a gallon-equivalent basis. Phill is a small compressor appliance that’s as easy to operate as your natural gas stove. Mounted on your garage wall or a freestanding on a pedestal, it allows you to refuel overnight. Phill runs on electricity (at 800 watts, it uses less than most small kitchen appliances) and connects to the existing natural gas line at your house. More than half of U.S. homes – some 60 million – are already equipped with a natural gas line.

For more information on purchasing or leasing a Phill device, visit the BRC Fuelmaker website.

Eaton Corp. and General Electric are also working on competing projects to develop $500 home refuelling appliances.

Phill® is a registered trademark of FuelMaker Corporation.​​

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