CNG Conversions Gallery : Chesapeake CNG Chopper

The world's first natural gas-powered chopper

Built to show America the promise of natural gas as a clean energy resource in conjunction with Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s 20th anniversary, the talented Orange County Choppers (OCC) crew from the hit TV show "American Chopper" partnered with the company to build a natural gas-powered bike. The episode covered the bike’s production process as Paul Sr. and crew visited a drilling rig and learned how natural gas can power everything from a semitruck to a custom chopper.

The bike sports OCC’s usual 117-cubic-inch V-twin engine, six-speed transmission and belt drive. Unlike other OCC choppers, this one features a mixer "fogger" rather than a carburetor to feed gas to the engine. In addition, the chopper’s gas gauge reads in pounds per square inch instead of gallons.

Adorned with drillbit-inspired handlebars, the blue and green bike tours the U.S. to help educate the public on the benefits of natural gas as a clean, abundant, affordable, American fuel.

Fuel Type:   American CNG
Fuel Cylinder:   Lincoln Composites / Carbon Fiber - 3600 psi
Cylinder Cover:   OCC (painted)
Engine:   S&S X-Wedge, 117 cu-in, Triple Cam Action / 3 Valve
Carburetor:   Impco mixer (Model 110)
Air Cleaner:   K&N (Open Induction)
Exhaust:   OCC (Chrome)
Transmission:   Baker 6 speed
Frame:   Rigid pro-street style, mild steel
Total Length:   112"
Grips:   THRUTUBING COLUTINOS - OCC Machined, Hurricane Drill Bit
Bars:   OCC Chrome
Hand Controls:   H-D
Shift Linkage:   13" OCC shift linkage (Made in USA)
Foot Controls:   OCC Accutronics
Seat:   OCC logo (Silver stitching)
Wheels:   3 spoke with flame design (Chrome)
Tires:   21 x 3.5" front tire, 300 mm rear Metzler
Head Light:   3D (Painted)
Front Fender:   OCC custom
Rear Fender:   CNG logo cut into top, with blue mesh backing and blue lights
Paint:   Blue Chesapeake flame wrapping around fenders and cylinder cover. Chesapeake green splashed throughout. Chesapeake logo painted on top of cylinder cover. CNG logo painted on bottom /side of body work (both sides).
Oil Tank:   OCC
Coil Cover:   DAGGER (Chrome)
Derby Cover 1:   CHK logo with 20th Anniversary (Chrome)
Derby Cover 2:   CHK logo (Chrome)
Rear Brake Light:   Primary tail light with license plate holder