CNG Conversions Gallery : Dixie Chopper

Speed, quality and reliability may be Dixie Chopper’s motto, but innovation is its heritage

Dixie Chopper built the world’s first CNG lawn mower.

Officially known as the “Xcaliber Eco-Eagle,” this landmark mower was unveiled at the 2009 Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Powered by a 990cc Generac engine, the Eco-Eagle features a 66-inch deck, assuring the unrivaled Dixie Chopper Xcaliber cut.

Natural gas is a cleaner-burning alternative fuel that is found in abundance across America. Due to its affordability and environmentally-friendly qualities, many cities are converting their vehicles and machines to run on this fuel. Dixie Chopper believes demand for this mower will only grow with the benefits of using natural gas.

Studies have shown that air pollution from cutting grass for one hour with a gasoline-powered mower is nearly equivalent to that from a 350-mile automobile trip. Gasoline mowers emit hydrocarbons, and older models with less efficient two-cycle engines can release as much as 30% of their oil and gasoline into the air.

Although CNG does produce greenhouse gases during combustion, it is a more environmentally clean alternative to gasoline, diesel or propane. It also is much safer than other fuels in case of a spill (natural gas is lighter than air, but disperses quickly when released).

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