Bossier City's second CNG station opens

Less than a year after opening its first compressed natural gas station, Bossier City continues to lead the way in flex fuel use with the grand opening of a second alternative fuel station in south Bossier.

Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker was joined by local and state dignitaries, including Scott Angelle, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Senator Robert Adley and State Representatives Jane Smith, Henry Burns and Roy Burrell, Tuesday morning for the grand opening of new CNG station. Like the first station on East Texas Street, the station on Barksdale Boulevard will have compressed natural gas and E-85 flex fuel.
Mark Natale, Bossier City public information officer, said the second CNG station will provide the public better access to alternative fuel options.
“There are a number of vehicles on the roads here in Shreveport-Bossier City that operate on flex fuel and we’re seeing more of them,” Natale said. “The City of Bossier City is no exception.”
Natale said the average dump truck is estimated to save $5,000 a year on fuel costs by using alternative fuel. Natale said the city plans to add 30 more vehicles to its fleet next year that will operate on compressed natural gas.
“The funds to convert those vehicles will come from an $800,000 federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy,” Natale said. “That’s just another way Bossier City is going green and offering those alternative fuels to the public.”
Since the first stationed opened in September 2010, Natale said half a million gallons of E85. Natale said not only is the alternative used in standard automobiles, but companies such as AT&T and Chesapeake are using the fuel source.
Natale said Angelle played an instrumental role with getting the CNG stations in Bossier by helping with the grant application process and overseeing the process in its entirety.
Angelle, who was also present at the first CNG station grand opening, said as energy prices spiral upward, the nation’s economic performance goes downwards.
Angelle said America’s energy policy is like an aircraft carrier; it takes a long time to catch up. However, he said Bossier City is like a speed boat in the alternative fuel industry.
“You haven’t waited. You have embraced a new, cheaper way to fuel the cars of our citizens,” Angelle said.
Angelle added there’s a reason why Bossier City is ranked fourth on Site Selection Magazine’s Top 10 list for national economic development as well as on the Forbes’ Magazine Top 10 list for job opportunities.
“You have done the right thing,” Angelle said. “Keep on leading and being an example to the nation you can do it and you have done it.” David Montgomery, President of the Bossier City Council, believes the CNG stations will bring more positive attention to the region on a national level.
“The city council strives to be proactive in our business community,” Montgomery said. “We have no doubt that CNG stations will be built across the nation one day and Bossier City will have led the way.”
Also attending Tuesday’s grand opening event were Bill Altimus, Bossier Parish Administrator; members of the Shreveport and Bossier City Council; Shane McWilliams, Bossier City Police Chief; Brad Zagone, Bossier City Fire Chief; Lynn Austin, Bossier City Marshal; members of the Bossier Parish Police Jury and officials with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.


This article was first published by Bossier Press-Tribune.

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