Bio: Oklahoma-born singer/songwriter. On tour now, traveling in a Tahoe powered by natural gas!

Photos from the Road

Tour Diary

That’s a wrap!

Wow! It’s been an amazing couple of months on the 'Go Natural' Tour and I can't thank you enough for all your support!

The Search for CNG

I’m writing you from my hotel room in New York City (technically I’m in New Jersey, but that’s beside the point).
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The Second Leg

Today begins the second leg of the Go Natural Tour. We kick off in Baltimore and spend the rest of the week on the east coast. It’s a part of the country where I have some great memories and where I have toured with some fantastic bands.
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Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City

Once again, I am home after a great week of shows! Tonight I am playing my 4th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive show at Kamps in Oklahoma City. The venue is an OKC landmark, it’s always a fun place to play and I’m stoked about tonight.

Beautiful in Birmingham

Check out this video of me at a CNG station in Birmingham. Alabama has come and gone though and we're in the Carolinas for the next couple days. I hope you'll all come say hi!
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Greetings from Chattanooga

​I am staying at a hotel called the Choo Choo – it’s not literally a train, but it’s darn close! And I’m not even kidding; it’s called Choo Choo and is designed to look like a train.
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Hello Georgia

Another state, another station! This time we're filling up at an airport.
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I have no idea where I am

Hey Friends! I’m currently somewhere between New Orleans and Houston. Where exactly? I honestly have no idea.
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