Welcome CNGnow Beta Testers!

​​If you’re reading this blog post, you are indeed a chosen one. You’re a beta user, a sneak-peeker, a first comer – you are the proverbial early bird! It’s a privilege that not everyone got, so I hope that you are as excited to be here as we are to have you.

In short, we’ve revamped CNGnow to focus more on you. The last few years have been about accumulating content and being the ultimate source for CNG information. We’ll keep up with all that, but the next phase of CNGnow is all about being a tool for you. First, we want to provide you with the information, news, etc that is most relevant to you. Second, we want to help you tell your friends about CNG and America’s greatest hope for energy independence.

This all starts with state pages, your one-stop shop for everything happening with natural gas vehicles in your state. These pages will feed you relevant news, show you other advocates in your area and tell you where you can fill up or convert your vehicles. More features are coming soon, but first you’ll need to unlock your state.

We’re also adding profiles, which will enable you to comment on articles. It’s our first step towards expanding the conversation so I hope you will comment and participate. Nothing is better than healthy debate and active conversation. And just for fun, we’ve also added badges and an Advocacy Score to help you keep up with what you’re doing and how good of a CNG advocate you’re being.

Your mission is to test out all of our new features. Wander around, kick the walls, dig in and try out our new site. As you’re doing this, let us know what you think. Your opinion matters and we fully intend to develop this site around the wants and needs of you, our members. You can give us your feedback by clicking on the Feedback button on the right or feel free to email me directly at chad.osko@chk.com. Keep in mind that CNGnow is still under development, so bear with us if something doesn’t work quite right.

Thanks again for supporting our cause, fighting the good fight and agreeing to test out the new CNGnow.

P.S. We’ll also be launching a new mobile app for iPhones and Android devices soon. If you have an Android-operated phone, we have trials available. Shoot me an email if you’d like to try it out and we’ll get you set up.

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I can't wait for the iPhone app!
The new CNGnow is looking good so far.  I'm working to unlock Oklahoma's state page!
Can't wait to explore and learn more about Natural Gas Vehicles in Oklahoma...  Looks really neat!  Good job!
The beta iPhone app has been working nicely over the last few weeks. I've checked in at three different stations and added ratings and images. Slick app!
I agree.  Loving the beta iPhone app!
This is great!
Any chance we could have the Camaro as a potential giveaway??  Especially if it were limited to BETA users as the only potential entrants??!? (HINT, HINT)

Would so love to see that car in person and love the new site!!
New site looks great...looking forward to being a top advocate for CNG in Texas!
Let's make some history together.  Look for some major Wise Gas news in the coming weeks and check out our latest station in Clearwater, FL
Much improved! Happy to network with CNG Now!
Site looks great. Wish my end of NY had more stations. Looking to buy a new car within the next few weeks and would love to purchase one that uses ng.
The site looks great! Thanks for the invite. I am seeing a lot of chatter about CNG car conversions kits. I was referred to www.skycng.com. Has anyone else been to that site? I have a lot of questions about emissions and EPA regulations on CNG conversion. Will this website please go into more detail about them?
This is a great looking site. I am glad you chose us to be in the beta. Let's make CNGnow one of the most popular sites!
Is there a way to be added to BETA testing for iPhone app?
All, thanks for stopping by! On behalf of CNGnow, I want to say that we are ecstatic to have you all around. You are the the power users, active advocates and influencers. And it sounds like many of you are already doing great stuff.

@WiseGas, definitely keep us posted on the news.

@Eileen, hang in there. The first step is raising awareness though. Unlocking your state page is a good place to start!

@Skip, you can find a list of EPA or CARB certified conversions here: http://www.ngvamerica.org/pdfs/marketplace/MP.Analyses.NGVs-a.pdf

@Gifford, unfortunately no, but it should be released to the public withing the next few weeks.

The site looks great. Everyone be sure to check out the Tulsa Flyer pics a all CNG vehicle traveling across the USA. See images here: