The Mother of Presidents can help give birth to a future with a cleaner, cheaper fuel source - CNG.

Help the Old Dominion and the nation find a new way.



  • Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Loans
  • Alternative Fuels Grants and Loans
  • Alternative Fuel Job Creation Tax Credit
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) and Fueling Infrastructure Loans
  • Alternative Fuel Public-Private Partnership Solicitation
  • Green Jobs Tax Credit
  • Idle Reduction Weight Exemption
  • Natural Gas Technical Assistance and Fuel Rate Reduction
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Technical Assistance

Source: U.S. Dept. of Energy

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Governor McDonnell Announces Agreements and Signs Executive Directive to Advance Conversion of State Vehicle Fleet to Alternative Fuels

Governor Bob McDonnell today announced contractual agreements with two private fuel companies, and signed a multi-state memorandum of understanding and an executive directive advancing the effort to convert Virginia's state vehicle fleet to alternative fuels.

Infrastructure Developments to Engage in CNG Initiatives in Virginia

Infrastructure Developments Corp. announced today that it is expanding the development of its compressed natural gas (CNG) business into Virginia as the state bolsters efforts to convert public vehicles to CNG.

State Goes for Green; Will Convert Fleet to Natural Gas, Propane

Trading in Virginia’s gas-guzzling fleet of trucks and cars for greener models will help improve the state’s air quality, put Virginians to work and even save tax dollars, Gov. Bob McDonnell says.

CNG Refuse Trucks to Save Richmond $1M

The City of Richmond, Va., expects to realize a $1 million savings in fuel, maintenance, and personnel costs with the addition of new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered refuse vehicles to its fleet.