Michigan workers created America’s car culture, and now it’s time to turn to the future of the automobile - CNG.

Whether you’re a Wolverine or Spartan, you love the Lions or Pistons, or your just want the best for us all, get together to keep America moving forward.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



  • Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Research, Development, and Manufacturing Tax Credits
  • Alternative Fuel Development Property Tax Exemption
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Exemption
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Emissions Inspection Exemption

Source: U.S. Dept. of Energy

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Detroit Three taking different roads to bi-fuel, CNG vehicles

Automakers are offering more alternative fuel options to retail and fleet customers than ever before.

Gov. Fallin, State Leaders to Visit Detroit to Pitch CNG Vehicle Initiative to U.S. Automakers

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Michael Ming, and Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Dave Lopez will visit Detroit on Monday to pitch a multi-state, bi-partisan compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle initiative to U.S. auto manufacturers.

GM to sell 1,200 CNG cargo vans to AT&T

General Motors said today that AT&T plans to buy 1,200 of its Chevrolet Express compressed natural gas cargo vans for use at AT&T service centers around the country.

Michigan Works To Make Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Easier

When it comes to motor fuels, natural gas may be one of the best alternatives to gasoline on the market today.