Mainers thrive on the rocky coast and rugged mountains.

Pine Staters know that cracking through lobster shells to get a good meal is worth the effort and that hard work produces great results. That’s why they’re joining the CNG Now movement – to help lead the nation to a cleaner, more prosperous future.​​​​​​​




Gov. Fallin, State Leaders to Visit Detroit to Pitch CNG Vehicle Initiative to U.S. Automakers

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Michael Ming, and Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Dave Lopez will visit Detroit on Monday to pitch a multi-state, bi-partisan compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle initiative to U.S. auto manufacturers.

Bangor Gas consolidating headquarters, switching to gas-powered fleet

“We’re trying to replace our entire fleet with natural gas-powered vehicles,” said Jon Kunz, manager of marketing and sales at Bangor Gas.

Governor Fallin Leads 13 States to Partner with Auto Manufactures to Develop Affordable CNG Vehicles

Governor Mary Fallin today joined governors from 13 states in inviting auto manufacturers in the United States to partner in making more affordable Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles available to both state automobile fleets and private sector consumers.

8 states on board with natural gas vehicle push

Eight states have now signed up in an effort to encourage U.S. automakers to develop affordable vehicles that run on natural gas.