TD Industries Launches CNG Pilot Program

​TD Industries (TD) announced the launch of a CNG pilot program in an effort to cut operating costs, improve air quality, increase efficiency and use the natural gas resources in Texas. This initiative will utilize CNG powered vehicles to perform daily Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) service operations. TD is an environmentally conscientious construction company with an operating fleet of 394 service vans in the Southwest.

The pilot program, began with the conversion of two Ford E350 service vans in their Fort Worth office, equip with CNG conversion. This pilot program will guide TD in determining the feasibility of natural gas vehicles, the availability of CNG fueling stations and how a fleet powered by natural gas can meet their operational needs. Conversion of vehicles to CNG were performed by NGV Texas, a Dallas-based company, specializing in CNG and LNG technologies out of their 65,000 sq. ft. conversion facility.

This article was first published by NGV America News.

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