Business Converting Fleet to Natural Gas

The Diaz Companies operate a hardwood saw mill, blue stone manufacturing, disposal and drilling businesses. President, Adam Diaz, says last year he started looking at fuel figures. He says he was spending 2 and a half million dollars a year on diesel. That's when he made the decision to convert the fleet of 50 light weight and heavy duty trucks to CNG. This is one of the first fully independent heavy duty CNG trucks in the northeast. Diaz says CNG saves him 50 percent on fuel when compared with diesel. His goal is to have his entire fleet changed over to CNG within two years, which could include buying new trucks and converting older ones.

Adam Diaz says, "Every year in our capital budget, we have money allocated for new truck purchase and as we purchase new trucks now, as they become available, we're going to buy them soley on CNG. We're in the process, about 8 months out, of breaking ground on our own CNG facility, locally here and we'll be self-sufficient fueling our own vehicles."

Diaz says he plans to open the CNG fueling station to the public, as well. He says the cost to buy a CNG truck is about 10 to 20 percent more expensive than diesel, but it pays for itself within two years. Cabot Oil and Gas recently built a private CNG station for its vehicles in Susquehanna County.

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