Range Resources Switches to CNG

"Clean, Abundant, Local." That was the message from America's Natural Gas Alliance member company Range Resources, which announced this week that their fleet of 180 trucks – a 50:50 split between Chevy and Dodge - have been converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). 
At an event featuring employees from Range along with local state-elected officials, Range's John Applegath outlined some of the factors that influenced his company’s decision to convert its fleet to CNG. They include the ability to use abundant supplies of local natural gas developed by Pennsylvanians, fewer emissions and, lower costs for fueling the tank. According to Applegath, Range's investment payback period should take about to two years, with CNG prices at roughly half the current price of unleaded regular gasoline.
With benefits for our environment and lower fueling costs, using natural gas for vehicle fleets is a smart business choice. Fleets of all sizes – from taxis, to natural gas company fleets, even large municipal bus fleets –are seeing the benefits of converting to natural gas. 
We applaud Range Resources for leading by example and powering their fleet with this abundant, affordable and local energy resource.

This article was first published by ANGA.

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