Can CNG Power a Road Trip?

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Hello all!  Welcome to the inaugural post of Civic Adventures!

My name is Michele Williams and I am the Specialty Accounts and Fleet Manager at Don Carlton Honda.  I am an alternative fuels vehicle specialist with a primary focus on compressed natural gas vehicles.  We are a family owned dealership based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1974 and are currently the number one dealership in the nation for sales of the Compressed Natural Gas Civic.

The Compressed Natural Gas Civic has been in continuous production since 1997 and is currently the only original equipment manufactured vehicle built specifically to run on compressed natural gas.  It is not a conversion!  Here in Oklahoma, people that drive the Compressed Natural Gas Civic can save 75% or more in fuel costs by making the switch to this alternatively fueled vehicle.  Let me repeat that.  SAVE 75% OR MORE in fuel costs.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get regarding the CNG Civic?  "We know we have plenty of CNG stations in Oklahoma, but what happens if you need to travel outside of the state?"  Range anxiety is a major concern for most people when they prepare to make the change to CNG.  Since I was preparing to fly to Mobile, Alabama next week for the Southern Legislation Conference, I got the idea that maybe I could drive my Civic CNG instead as an illustrative example that you CAN travel outside of the state in a dedicated CNG vehicle.  I approached ownership and management with the concept and they took it one further...they agreed to wrap the vehicle and suggested that instead of simply driving the car to Mobile and back, I take the car on a tour of the southern states.

For those of you that were at our inaugural Civic CNG Homecoming in May, you know that this "go anywhere, do anything" Civic Adventures tour promises to be a lot of fun...I can safely say my first stop Friday evening is something that no one else in the country has done with a Compressed Natural Gas Civic.  Photos, video, and interviews will follow for the next two weeks as I make my way across the southern states.

A huge thank you to everyone at Don Carlton Honda for making this possible.  Brenda Carlton, Sami Khalaf, and Mo Jbara are all great supporters of compressed natural gas technology.  Please let them know that you appreciate their efforts...GO CNG!

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