Waste Pro to build CNG station in Jacksonville

​Garbage hauler Waste Pro USA Inc., says it will, in about a year, open a compressed natural gas fueling station in Jacksonville and operate compressed natural gas vehicles in its fleet.
The company, one of four waste haulers for the city and serving about 70,000 households, will become the first in Jacksonville to use compressed natural gas (CNG), company CMO Ron Pecora said.
“We’re doing it for two reasons,” Pecora said. “Economics: Compressed natural gas is less expensive than diesel. And environmental: It’s cleaner energy and quieter. A trash compactor emptying a dumpster at a hotel early in the morning can be very loud. With these, there’s no more noise.”
Orlando-based Waste Pro has already built a CNG fueling station at its Ft. Pierce facility and is converting its fleet there. The company is currently building CNG stations for its Daytona Beach and Palm Coast operations. Waste Pro’s Jacksonville fueling station will be located at its Strickland St. facility.
Last year, Jacksonville-based Advanced Disposal Inc. said it was building its first compressed natural gas fueling station in Atlanta and switching its fleet to natural gas trucks. The move, which cost more than $20 million, is expected to save up to 40 percent on fuel charges.

This article was first published by Jacksonville Business journal.

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