O-Tex delivers CNG powered cementing unit

​O-Tex Holdings, Inc. announced that in November 2012 O-Tex performed its first oilfield cementing job using the first dual-fuel CNG-powered cementing unit in the United States. The cement pump consists of twin 525-hydraulic- horsepower engines with 600-horsepower short pumps capable of pumping at rates up to 12 barrels per minute and maximum pressure of 10,500 psi per pump. The two 620-cu-ft bulk trailers and the tractors pulling them are also equipped with 150-hydraulic-horsepower engines utilizing the dual-fuel system.
O-Tex has a dedicated CNG shop with four full-time employees and over time plans to convert its fleet of pump trucks, bulk trailers, tractors and light duty vehicles to dual fuel CNG technology, leading the United States cementing market in using "America's Fuel."
Commenting on the milestone, Brent Barbour, O-Tex's President and CEO, said "We are pleased and excited to introduce the United States' first CNG-powered cementing unit. O-Tex is a forward-thinking company dedicated to serving the domestic cementing market and to leading the industry in customer service and in creating innovative solutions for the ever-changing market."
O-Tex currently provides cement pressure pumping and pump-down services from nine locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas. The Company is headquartered in Duncan, Oklahoma. The Company's largest field operation is located in Midland, Texas, serving the Permian Basin. O-Tex currently has approximately 450 employees and a management team that has an average of over 25 years of industry experience. From its inception less than six years ago, the Company has become the largest independently owned cementing company in the United States.

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