Boone Pickens and Mayor Bloomberg Unveil NYC`s First Natural Gas Food Truck

TBP eats pizza with Bloomberg and Crespo in NYC Feb 21, 2013.jpg

At New York City Hall, Boone Pickens joined Mayor Mike Bloomberg to unveil New York City's first mobile food truck fully-powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), Neapolitan Express.

Mayor Bloomberg commented, “The truck produces almost three quarters less in greenhouse gas emissions than trucks that run on gasoline or diesel and that also reduces fuel costs by about 60 percent.”
Mr. Pickens turned his hand to slinging pizzas while he showcased the benefits of using natural gas as a transportation fuel.
Mr. Pickens also co-hosted Squawk Box on CNBC where he talked about domestic oil production, rising gasoline prices, and America’s energy future.

Some of the key points of the interview included that despite great strides in domestic energy production, U.S. consumers are seeing no relief in gasoline prices because oil is a global commodity and Saudi Arabia is the swing producer.   OPEC is a cartel, and the best way to break the cartel and address rising fuel costs is to inject competing transportation fuels into the mix such as Natural Gas.   Taking advantage of our expanding supplies of natural gas, particularly in the heavy duty truck and fleet market, is the most realistic way to solve the national security and economic threat tied to OPEC oil/diesel/gasoline.

With oil prices rising and thus gasoline/diesel fuel costs subsequently rising at the pump, natural gas must be looked at for a number of its features in replacing transportation fuel.  Natural gas is a domestic fuel that is not influenced by the volatile oil market and it’s also the cleanest burning fossil fuel.  Currently in New York City, CNG is $2.69 GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) roughly $1.00 - $1.50 per gallon less than gasoline/diesel.

Clean Energy has CNG stations in Canarsie, Greenpoint, JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Airport, Valhalla, Staten Island plus many more all throughout Long Island to Riverhead.  There are plans to construct additional CNG stations in the NYC area which will be strategically located for fleets operating there.​

This article was first published by Journal.US.

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