Colorado Leaders Aim to Lead Nation in Clean Energy

One of the issues talked about at the Club 20 debates hits close to home for Coloradans and that's energy. Natural gas, wind, solar and coal are just a few.

The way people get from point A to B is changing, and many hope it will continue to change for the better.

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., said, “I don’t want my daughters to have to buy their oil from the Persian Gulf. That doesn’t make any sense for them to have to do that. We ought to fix this problem.”

Those behind the vehicles that are not well known for being environmentally friendly are fighting back against the stereotypes.

Paul Witt, a spokesperson for Ford Motor Company, said, “You need a truck with a lot of capacity and that can haul, but on the other hand, you still want a truck that is going to be burning cleaner and burning cheaper. This is a great option for you."

With just a flip of a switch a person can go from using gasoline to compressed natural gas, known as CNG.

“You can switch it while you’re driving. It doesn’t affect the operation, the engine at all,” Witt said.

In 2011, CNG filling stations were opened in Rifle and Grand Junction.

“CNG burns cleaner, it reduces emissions, it’s got about the same power per unit volume as gasoline does, and it’s cheaper," said Witt.

There are also plans for more filling stations.

David Ludlam, the executive director for the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, said, “There’s a collaborative effort in the Roaring Fork Valley and there’s also a collaborative effort in Grand Junction to add additional stations. We are trying to get one in every municipality on the I-70 corridor.”

“We have incredible entrepreneurial horsepower in this state that’s thinking about how we create a 21st century energy equation for our people. I think our state could be the leader of 50 states.”

The West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association says that teamwork with political leaders is a huge asset as they move forward.

“Thanks to Senator Bennet and Governor Hickenlooper’s great leadership, they’ve helped take what we’ve achieved locally and help bring a national voice, the need for national infrastructure," said Ludlam.

Parties involved with the CNG movement are ready to see it expand, and they say Colorado should lead the way.​

This article was first published by KREXTV.

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