California Discount Chain to Switch Semis to CNG

California’s “99 Cents Only” Stores announced it will convert 40 class-8 semitrucks from diesel to CNG. The company believes it will be the largest privately owned class-8 CNG fleet in Southern California. The announcement came as the company marked its 30th anniversary of the original store’s opening in 1982. “We are thrilled to be marking this important 30 year milestone by making this announcement which will help save the planet, use a plentiful domestic resource, and help save our customers money,” said CEO Eric Schiffer. “We believe we will have one of the nation’s largest retail fleets operating on compressed natural gas.” The discount chain sells brand name closeouts, general consumer items, and grocery items in 302 stores, 220 of which are located in Southern California. Other stores are located in Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.​

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