Oklahoma CNG Program Starts Today

Oklahoma Natural Gas is implementing a rebate program for natural gas vehicles, with funding via a new 25¢ per GGE surcharge commencing today, and rebates of up to $2,500 per vehicle (and for home fueling installations) beginning in August.

“On or about August 15, 2012, funding will be evaluated, and if adequate levels have been met, rebates will begin to be distributed,” ONG says.

NGVs purchased after June 18 will be eligible.

Dedicated NGVs will be eligible for rebates of $2,500, with another $2,500 available for home fuelers. Bi-fuel CNG-gasoline vehicles will be eligible for rebates of $1,500.

ONG says that OEM NGVs are eligible, that used NGVs less than ten years of age are eligible, and that converted vehicles must contain a U.S. EPA-certified kit.

Vehicle rebates are to be available to individual Oklahoma residents, or commercial or industrial companies doing business in Oklahoma, ONG says. The NGVs must be “tagged, titled and licensed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission for use on public streets and highways within Oklahoma.”

ONG cites Oklahoma Corporation Commission Tariff 707 as its authorization for the surcharge and rebate program.​

This article was first published by Fleets & Fuels.

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