Clean cars gaining speed in Central New York

Remember the days when gas was under three dollars a gallon? If your car runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), electricity, or some other fuel alternative, those days might be back.

"At CENTRO the fuel is $1.79 a gallon and at National Grid it's $2.29 a gallon," said Clean Communities of Central New York coordinator, Barry Carr.

Barry Carr enjoys that price. He drives a natural gas run Honda Civic. He's also the Coordinator for Clean Communities of Central New York. The organization partners with companies in the area to promote alternative fuel and vehicles.

"We've installed two large scale natural gas vehicle refueling stations and a total of 87 electric vehicle charging stations," said Carr.

The stations are easily located by checking out the Alternative Fuel station locator on the national Clean Cities web site.

A handful of those compressed natural gas and electric charging stations are right here in Syracuse, but it still doesn't compare to the number of traditional gasoline fueling stations. There's one about every mile.

"How many gas stations do you go into and see a place to plug your car in and charge it? You don't really see it," said Sun Chevrolet owner, Todd Caputo.

Drivers won't buy if there aren't places to fill up and car companies won't sell if there isn't a demand. Just the reason alternative fuel vehicles aren't picking up speed in Central New York as quickly as in other cities.

"Giant Eagle is another big grocery chain based in Pittsburgh. Those convenient stores are going to have small natural gas refueling stations and an electric vehicle charging station," said Carr.

Carr says the infrastructure is getting there and once people become educated about their options, more clean energy cars will come rolling into Central New York.

For more information on how you can find alternative fuel vehicle stations go to:​

This article was first published by Your News Now.

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