Pike Research predicts 68% jump in global CNG vehicle sales by 2016

Annual worldwide sales of natural gas vehicles will jump 68 percent to 3.2 million vehicles in 2016 from 1.9 million in 2010, according to Pike Research. The surge, says Pike, will be driven mainly by fleets looking to cut petroleum dependency and reduce operating costs.

In the U.S., annual natural gas vehicle sales will almost quadruple to 33,000 vehicles in 2016, up from an estimated 8,400 in 2012. Among individual countries, India will overtake Iran as the world's leading user of natural gas vehicles by 2016. Oil-rich Iran will apparently turn more and more to natural gas as a fuel because using petroleum means that the nation would turn less profit from selling the crude to foreign countries.

Even if the U.S.' use of natural gas does quadruple, it will continue to account for a near-meaningless percentage of worldwide natural gas vehicles. This, says Pike, is due to a lack of infrastructure. As of September 1, there were an estimated 946 operational natural gas fueling stations in the U.S., compared to 3,200 public-access electric vehicle charge points and nearly 125,000 gas stations. Lack of infrastructure aside, the fact that only one production passenger vehicle sold in the U.S. is capable of burning natural gas – the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas – is quite a bottleneck.


This article was first published by Autoblog Green.

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