Man spends $2 a gallon on gas, thanks to natural gas car from Clearwater Gas

'Tis the season for high gas prices.
In the last month, prices have jumped by almost 20 cents a gallon in Tampa Bay.  It's the usual price hikes drivers have growth to loathe in the summer months.
Except one.
Brian Langille of Clearwater has a Honda Civic GX and a natural gas fueling system in his garage.
As gas prices creep toward four dollars a gallon, Langille pays just two dollars per gallon of natural gas.
"My friends are jealous," he said. "They wish they could spend the amount of money that I spend on fuel every month, but unfortunately, they have to spend about double that."
He doesn't have to fight long lines at the gas station either.
His utility, Clearwater Gas, set up a $5,000 natural gas fueling system in his garage.  It's not cheap but, at the end of the year, he gets a $1,500 tax rebate.
"You come home from a day's work, and you just drive into your garage and don't have to worry," Langille said.
But soon, natural gas vehicle drivers won't have to drop thousands to set up elaborate fueling systems at home. Clearwater Gas is working on the first ever natural gas vehicle fueling station in the Bay area. It's being built on Hercules Avenue near the Clearwater Airpark and is set to open in October.
The Honda Civic GX, which is the only vehicle in the U.S. that comes ready-made to take natural gas, starts at $25,000.  The car gets up to 200 miles to the tank and comes with a tax rebate of up to $6,500. 
Ford, Chevrolet, and other automakers sell conversion kits.
For Langille, it's not just about saving green.  It's about being green.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, natural gas vehicles reduce carbon monoxide emissions by up to 97 percent.

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