Infrastructure Developments to Engage in CNG Initiatives in Virginia

Infrastructure Developments Corp. announced today that it is expanding the development of its compressed natural gas (CNG) business into Virginia as the state bolsters efforts to convert public vehicles to CNG.
"The introduction of the NAT GAS Act of 2011 in Congress has prompted many states across the country to initiate programs to convert publicly owned fleets to cleaner alternative fuels," stated CEO Thomas R. Morgan. "Increased governmental attention on this issue at the federal, state and local levels has created opportunities for IDVC to expand its operations into the conversion and refueling of CNG vehicles. Virginia is a prime candidate for this expansion."
IDVC is initiating its efforts in Virginia following the passage of House Bill 2282 which requires the State of Virginia's General Services Department to establish a plan to utilize alternative fuels in state vehicles. In addition, Governor Bob McDonnell signed an Executive Order to set out Virginia's alternative fuel plan to assist in creating partnerships between alternative fuel source providers, infrastructure developers and vehicle manufacturers. IDVC intends to participate in such partnerships.
"I have been a Virginia resident for many years and have seen its commitment to a healthy environment," Morgan added. "The passage of HB2282 is yet another example of how Virginia is intent on protecting its environment while leading the way to energy independence through the use of clean fuel technology. I look forward to pursuing what avenues might become available for IDVC to work with Virginia in translating this legislation into action."
IDVC intends to focus on both the conversion of vehicles to CNG and the construction of CNG refueling stations, with potential sites in Utah and elsewhere in the Western United States. "The CNG knowledge and experience of our partner, Cleanfield Energy, coupled with our experience in U.S. government contracting should position IDVC to make a significant contribution to the development of CNG projects," stated Shawn Teigen, Utah-based IDVC director.
CNG is a clean burning fuel that is abundant domestically with the discovery and evaluation of numerous large-scale natural gas fields in the U.S. as well as improved methods for extracting the resource. Natural gas in the U.S. is estimated to exceed 2500 trillion cubic feet, according to the Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook for 2010.

This article was first published by MarketWatch.

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