Fiat's Natural Gas vs. GM and Toyota's Electric Car

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler, said that Chrysler plans to introduce a Fiat in the U.S. powered by natural gas. Bloomberg/Businessweek quotes Marchionne: "Natural gas engines offer a better way to cut emissions because they are cheaper than competing technologies."

Fiat is the leader in Europe in natural gas engines with 80% share of methane powered cars and 55% of light commercial vehicles. Alfredo Altavilla, quoted in Bloomberg/Businessweek said natural gas is a "more affordable solution" as it is less expensive to produce transport and distribute compared with other fuel sources.

Fiat will compete with General Motors (GM), which just began selling vehicles with natural gas engines for fleet buyers. Honda (HMC) is the only automaker selling cars with compressed natural gas engines in the U.S.

The problem for both natural gas and electric cars is the lack of refueling stations. At present there are only 1,300 stations for 110,000 vehicles using natural gas.

The U.S. ranks 14th in the world for natural gas vehicles; Italy is sixth and Pakistan is number one.

The question is, if you are buying a car which would you choose: gas, electric, natural gas or a hybrid?


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