The United States vs. the World

​In energy circles, it’s not at all unusual to hear the United States referred to as “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.” Why? Because we have a lot of it. We have a century’s worth buried beneath our feet. It’s just sitting there, waiting to be used. Compared to other countries though, we’re not really using it all – at least not for transportation.

Of the world’s 12 million natural gas vehicles (NGV), the United States only represents a couple hundred thousand. It’s a miniscule number considering that we have more natural gas than just about anyone else out there. This imbalance is largely due to lack of availability. The only factory-produced NGV available in the U.S. is the Honda Civic Natural Gas (just named “2012 Green Car of the Year,” by the way). In Europe, many manufacturers offer NGV options for consumers, including Volkswagen, Volvo and Mercedes, just to name a few. We need those options here!

But there is hope for NGVs in the United States. During 2012, you will begin to see GM and Ford trucks powered by natural gas. Honda is working to make the Civic Natural Gas available to all 50 states. You might even see Federal legislation passed to support the movement. Regardless of how many NGVs are on the road, one thing is certain: more and more natural gas filling stations will be popping up all over the country.

The question is: What are you doing to accelerate our energy independence? What are you doing to get your friends on board? Are you going to be an early adopter or wait two years until everyone is driving a car that runs on clean, American natural gas?

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I have 2 Civic GXs, a 1999  and a 2006 both bought new in Arizona.  I have a FuelMaker compressor in my driveway and am now at the break even point for the price paid for cars and compressor vs. fuel savings.  It will be a huge help to have a nationwide CNG fueling grid.  For now, my cars are just commuters and I have to drive gasoline vehicles on longer trips.
That's great! How long did it take you to break even? what's your review of the FuelMaker?
I am converting my 96 f350 to be bi fuel running CNG as much as I can.
CNG is the best option for the usa and I feel that my $2500.00 investment will pay for itself.

To : willywolfe, chadosko,JMartinez,
I'm looking into providing a change over service station, so American's can dive for less. I hope your still using Natural Gas to run your cars & trucks.
Any feed back about your converting,

Just happy to get on this blog

All the best riding for almost free !
I find it SAD that there are 16 countries that have MORE natural gas vehicles on the road than America. ALSO, I feel that using natural gas INSTEAD of gasoline is a patriotic thing to do.

Every gallon of natural gas used is a gallon of foreign gasoline NOT used.
Brilliant! I knew that a post like this would inspire millions of people across the world. Keep it up!

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Brilliant! I knew that a post like this would inspire millions of people across the world. Keep it up!