Welcome to the New CNGnow!

​Look around. Notice anything different? If you haven’t been here in a while, you’ll see that we’ve given ourselves a bit of a facelift. You like it? We do too! Starting today though, it’s more than that. We have officially rolled out the new CNGnow.

For the last few years, we’ve taken pride in being your foremost resource for natural gas vehicle information. Today we extend that and press on towards the goal of being the best tool for CNG advocates. Go ahead and consider us the Swiss Army Knife of NGV advocacy! We’ll be rolling out more features in the weeks and months to come, but here are a few to get you started:

First there’s the blog. If you’re reading this, you’ve already gotten the hang of it. It’s our way of extending the conversation. Like we say, “It’s not just information. It’s commentary on America.” This is where we’ll dig into the issues, debate tactics, raise questions and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the NGV movement.

State Pages:
This might be the most exciting feature we’re launching today. Every state now has their own page (it has to be unlocked first). This if your one-stop-shop for everything NGV-related in your state. Looking to convert? Go here. Want to find out about news, fleets or station openings in your state? Go here. Your state page connects advocates in your area and highlights the movement for you, locally.

Finally there’s the community - advocates are faceless enthusiasts no more! We’re at war with the status quo and to win the battle for American energy independence, it’s helpful to collaborate, get to know one another and have pride in the important work we’re all doing for our country. Start by setting up a profile. Boost your advocacy score by interacting with others. Earn badges for the good work you do. We’re in this together and I look forward to the community we’ll build!

In summary, cool stuff is happening at CNGnow. The NGV movement is humming along, making big strides and none of it would be happening without you. So pat yourself on the back and enjoy your new home. And if you have feedback, I want to hear it. Feel free to email me at chad.osko@chk.com.

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The new CNGnow looks great!
Very exciting!
I can't wait to earn my next badge!
Great work guys! The site looks really nice.
Anyone know where to purchase a home fill station?  Tom:  milam@inglesrud.com
Look at these miss-informed folks who think that exporting NG will create jobs in America, when just the opposite is true.

Keeping NG in our own country is what we need for cheaper, cleaner, and abundant NG we have here in our country. I will put some facts to support keeping NG produced and made here in the U.S. in a follow up comment. Regards

Pro, but wrong supporters of exporting cheap and clean natural gas out of our country: http://www.rigzone.com/news/article.asp?a_id=115173
Exporting natural gas from our country only serves to create more demand for much higher cost crude oil imports. The more crude oil we import, the higher our deficit gets. We pay $100/bbl for imported oil, yet we want to export natural gas which costs about $15/bbl equivalent. Meaning a barrel of oil produces 6 million BTUs of energy, and it takes 6 thousand cubic feet of natural gas to produce 6 million BTUs of energy. Thus barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) natural gas cost $15/BOE vs oil which cost $100/BOE. In 2011 (as per EIA) the average cost per barrel of oil was higher than previous years including 2008 and 2009.

When we import 11.6 million bbls of oil per day (11.6 mbopd), we spend and send $438 billion per year overseas to countries that do not have our best interest in mind. It doesnt matter who we import oil from since it is a world market, thus the price of oil goes up due to world demand. If we can avoid sending excessive amounts of money overseas for ever increasing costs of oil which increases our trade deficit, than we should use cheaper American produced natural gas to reduce our trade deficit as well as help with national security issues since a number of these overseas oil exporting countries have no interest in America.

The high cost of world oil is directly related to the recession we experienced recently. American produced natural gas can be used to produce cheaper energy for our country, and help with national security. 70% of the oil we import is used for our American transportation system. We do not have enough natural gas to to replace all the high priced oil we import, but we can lower the amount of oil we import by using natural gas to power portions of our transportation system. This has been done in several countries around the world, such as Brazil, Iran, etc in order to help their economies and/or their national security interests.

Brazil converted their cars over to natural gas after the 1970s oil embargoes. Iran converted their cars over to natural gas due to their need to export their crude oil, then re-import refined gasoline. Much cleaner and much cheaper natural gas produced in America should be used in America versus much more expensive and more polluting foreign oil. It is really no different than the move to use Made in America products, versus products made overseas. It results in more jobs staying in America, and more jobs being created in America to produce our own natural gas.

Exporting American LNG will NOT result in a net increase in American jobs. Just the opposite is true. Keep in mind that America uses 25 trillion cubic feet of gas per year (TCFG), yet we only produce 21TCFG per year (2011 EIA). Thus we are still importing natural gas from Canada to make up the shortfall. If we would utilize natural gas to replace oil for transportation and electrical power generation, our economy would be much better off. Many middle class Americans cannot afford $4-$5/gal gasoline, thus it impacts our economy, and it will bring on another recession. We will get to $4/gallon gasoline, then $5/gallon.

By using natural gas where we can in our own country we will create many more jobs than if we export the natural gas as LNG. This is a no brainer folks providing that you get reliable information regarding the subject. Increasing American jobs, having cheaper energy costs, and improving national security will help essentially all Americans. Please get accurate information regarding this very important decision. Regards.        
I saw a nice bit of marketing material, produced by CNG Now, at a trade show recently. You guys should add a page to the web site where members can download your marketing materials for our outreach activities.
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